The ADI was founded in 1926 as a "diplomatic laboratory" designed to explore “quietly and dispassionately those maladies that constantly place peace in balance.” The ADI regularly issued statements on many of the most pressing issues of the day, and published the landmark Dictionnaire Diplomatique, a seven-volume compendium on diplomatic and international affairs, which appeared regularly from 1933 until the 1970s.

Under the current Presidency of His Highness the Aga Khan, the ADI has undertaken a strategic realignment of its mission and programmatic activities, with a focus on new diplomacy intended to serve the practical needs of public, private, and independent sector actors involved in international affairs.



Early Activities


1928 Petition for a Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Submitted to the League of Nations, 1933.
1931 Report on the Legal Status of Women in 83 countries around the world.
1934 Report to ADI member Franklin D. Roosevelt on the new dynamics in diplomacy.
1936 Study on the Humanization of War.