The Débats provide an opportunity for open and candid exchanges among polical figures, academics and practitioners on a wide range of political, social and economic issues of both regional and international interest.




"The Paris Global Summit on Open Governement,
a COP21 for démocracy"


Echange of views between


Jean-Vincent Placé

Deputy Minister for Government Reform and Simplification, Representative of France in the Partnership


Henri Verdier

Inter-Ministerial Digital and Communications Director


Antoine Garapon

Secretary General, Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice


Tuesday 25 october 2016
from 10h to 12h


Report on the conference









US, Europe, Turkey and the Arab Spring

In partnership with Bertelsmann Stiftung

Lina Attallah (Egypt)
Journalist, Chief editor of the Egypt Independent

Zeidan Ali Zeidan (Libya)
Human rights activist, engineer, and consultant, Libyan Society in Germany

Ramla Jaber (Tunisia)
IT & Media start-up entrepreneur
Co-founder of the first English-speaking news website in Tunisia (

Leila Nachawati (Syria)
Spanish-Syrian blogger, communication strategist, human rights activist
Professor of Communications at Carlos III University in Madrid

Nilgün Arisan Eralp (Turkey)
Director EU Institute of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)

Dr. Christian Koch (GCC)
Director, Gulf Research Center Foundation

November 14, 2012




Obama Presidency: 2008/2012
Foreign Policy Assessment

A New International Context
François Heisbourg
Special Advisor, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique

United States and Middle East: A Regional Diplomacy Put to Test
Joseph Bahout
Professor, Sciences-Po Paris

A Presidency Under Pressure
Anne Deysine
Professor, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

October 22, 2012






Women in Armed Conflicts

Saran Daraba Kaba
Former Minister of Social Affairs, Promotion of Women and Childhood, Guinea
President of the "Réseau des Femmes du Fleuve Mano pour la Paix"

François Zimeray
French Ambassador for Human Rights

Hichem Ben Yaïche
Chief Editor, New Africa Magazine

March 7, 2011

Saudia Arabia: King Abdallah's Policies of Social and Political Modernization

Tawfiq Al Saif
Professor of Political Science, New Hubs of Modernity in the Kingdom

Jafar El Shayeb
Director of "Muntada al thulatha," the Policy of Equal Citizenship

Laurence Louër
Research Fellow, Sciences Po, Religious Diversity and Identity Politics

Alain Gresh
Journalist, Monde Diplomatique, Political and Social Evolutions: dialogue and obstruction

January 28, 2011




Le Sahel, une nouvelle zone de risques en Afrique?

In partnership with the "Direction de la Prospective" of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Mohammed-Mahmoud Ould Mahamedou
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Alain Chouet
Former chief of intelligence and security services (DGSE)

Richard Banegas
Professor of Political Science, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
Permanent consultant of the Direction of the Prospective - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

José Garçon
Journalist, former head Maghreb/ Algérie, Libération

October 27, 2010




Iraq after March 2010 Elections: Towards Consolidation?

Cartographie des forces politiques et perspectives à moyen terme
Cartography of Political Forces and Prospects at Midterm

Louloua Al Rachid
International Crisis Group

Les enjeux de sécurité et le partage des pouvoirs
Security Issues and Power-Sharing

Isam Al Khafaji
Senior researcher, University of Amsterdam
Former director of Iraq Revenue Watch

Les enjeux économiques et les priorités de la reconstruction
Economic Issues and Reconstruction Priorities

Ahmed Ibraihi Ali Al Alwash
Vice-governor of the Central Bank

June 24, 2010




Le processus de paix:
Entre enlisement et relance

The Peace Process: 
Between Stalemate and Reprisal

Robert Malley
Program Director for Middle East, International Crisis Group
Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton

Yossi Alpher
Special Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak

Leila Shahid
Ambassador, Representative of the Palestinian Authority to the European Union

January 29, 2010




Lessons from the End of the Soviet Empire

In partnership with Oxford University & the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

Andreï Gratchev
Former spokesperson of Mikhaïl Gorbachev
Scientific advisor of the World Political Forum
Author of Le Mystère Gorbatchev (2001), Gorbachev's Gamble (2008)

Adam Michnik
Former spokesperson of Solidarnosc
Founder of Gazeta Wyborcza
Author of La deuxième révolution (1990)

Sir Adam Roberts
President of the British Academy
Professor at Oxford University
Author of Civil Resistance and Power Politics: The Experience of Nonviolent Action from Gandhi to the Present (2009)

Modérateur: François Heisbourg
President of the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique
Director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies

January 19, 2010




Les enjeux iraniens
The Iranian Issues

The Situation after June 12 Elections (English)
Bernard Hourcade

Walter Posch
Académie de défense nationale (Autriche)

Iran and its Neighbors
Gilles Kepel
Sciences Po, Paris

The Nuclear Debate
François Heisbourg
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique

Jean-Louis Gergorin
JLG Conseil

July 3, 2009

Event in French



  Israel-Palestine-United States: New Dynamics?

Henry Siegman
President of the US Middle East Project - New York
Coordinator of the report of the "Eminent Persons Group"

Elie Barnavi
Former ambassador of Israel to France
Scientific director of the Musée de l'Europe in Bruxelles

Elias Sanbar
Ambassador, Permanent Observer of Palestine to UNESCO

June 15, 2009