Protocol and Diplomatic practice


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Protocol includes diverse activities related to state ceremonies, visits by heads of state and government, and visits by dignitaries and Public officials. In addition, protocol service includes the organization of international conferences and summits, the preparation of international treaties and agreements, the granting of awards, and the administration of diplomatic and consular corps.

Conducted in partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, this course is designed specifically for diplomats, personnel of diplomatic missions and international organizations, and executives from public and private sectors whose work requires proficiency in protocol and diplomatic practices, as well as the acquisition of technical skills for the preparation and organization of events in official contexts. All instruction is offered either in French or in English.


  • Develop proficiency with major protocol and diplomatic rules and customs
  • Acquire skills for the preparation and organization of events in a formal framework
  • Learn media techniques and strategies 
  • Develop professional networks


  • Practical training based on first-hand experience 
  • Instruction by professionals from the protocol service
  • Sessions designed to maximize experience-sharing among professional diplomats
  • Site visits to French and international institutions