For Diplomats newly accredited in France






This preparatory training seminar is specifically designed for diplomats and international officials newly accredited to diplomatic missions and international organizations in France, and provides the technical knowledge and operational tools required for the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities.

The seminar conducted by practitioners, including diplomats, journalists, and corporate executives, is intended to provide in a concrete and practical format, basic skills and essential information about France, such as the functioning of French institutions, the major actors in French society, and French political and economic interests. The programme is complemented with visits to institutions and significant sites, and meetings with key figures in Paris and in other regions of France. All instruction is conducted in French or in English as desired.


  • Gain knowledge of historical, political and philosophical references relevant to French diplomatic and political affairs
  • Become familiarized with practical functioning of French and European institutions
  • Understand French perspectives in key areas of international relations
  • Acquire knowledge and insight into networks and spheres of influence in France
  • Develop relevant professional networks
  • Survey dynamics in French media  


  • Concrete approach based on practice and shared experience
  • Training conducted by skilled practitioners (diplomats, experts)
  • Visits to institutions and other relevant sites
  • Meetings with representatives of French political and business world