media and diplomacy








The unrelenting pressure of a 24 hour news cycle and what veteran commentator Nick Gowing calls “the tyranny of real time” accompanied by a rapid growth of internet-based media, makes it ever more vital for individuals to be able to handle the media in an effective way. The media are neither friend nor enemy. They can be a useful carrier of messages but if handled incorrectly can also destroy an image of a fine individual or a good organisation.

This intensive workshop is designed for diplomats and international officials, men and women involved in politics, high-ranking government officials, military personnel and representatives from non-governmental organizations. The workshop is structured to provide tools and skills necessary for dealing in a practical and professional way with diverse media (television, radio, print media and the internet). Course offered in French and in English.


  • Understand the functioning and power of diverse media
  • Develop skills for preparing interviews, press releases
  • Respond to difficult or complex issues
  • React and intervene in crisis situations: What to say? What to do? And how?


  • Concrete and professional preparation
  • Live-simulations with recording interviews
  • Larn to establish a communication strategy
  • Training conducted by veteran media practitioners